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  • Massbeer day
    Massbeer day
  • Partyspaß mit dem 5 Liter Partyfass
    Partyspaß mit dem 5 Liter Partyfass

In the "Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen" brewery history anno 1836 revived. In Germany's oldest joint-stock brewery, which still brews, are experience-brewery integrated in the restaurant and of course the home-brewed beers in the center of the action. The brewery  “Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen”  is a traditional restaurant with large beer garden and alternating live music for the whole family.

The pleasant atmosphere and cosy hospitality simply demand you to stay awhile. In addition to the typical fare of a brewery, you can enjoy both classics of home-style cooking and light mediterranean dishes.


Daily Menu

Monday only 11,99 €

"Big knuckle dinner"

0.5 Litres of beer with a roasted knuckle, bacon sauerkraut, dumplings

Tuesday only 10,99 €

"Veal ribs day"

0.5 Litres of beer with juicy grilled veal ribs (about 400 g) from the lava stone Grill with coleslaw and fresh brewhouse bread

Wednesday only 10,99 €


0.5 Litres of beer with a big cutlet (200 g), seasonal side dish and potatoes

Thursday only 11,99 €

"Burger day"

0.5 Litres of beer with a Barbecue Burger and country fries.

Sunday only 5.10 €

"Maß" beer day with live music

from 12 noon live music and the Maß (1 liter) home brewed Waldschlösschen beer

Daily only 6,66 €

"Brewmaster breakfast"

Weisswurst (Bavarian veal sausage) with pretzel, to half a litre of beer

Reservation Requests

Single reservations please via +49 351 - 652 39 00

For group reservations please contact our sales office under +49 351 - 498 98 13
or use our contact form for group reservations